Our current squadron is very diverse with members representing various regions of the United States to include Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, and California. Some of our team's real-life professions include pilots, police officers, military officers, and airline mechanics. Our team contains both active duty and retired military personnel, all of whom are serving or have served their country with honor and distinction. In addition to the aforementioned, our members come from various levels of flight experience ranging from highly trained simulator pilots to real-life corporate & commercial pilots and Flight Instructors. Although our backgrounds and levels of experience are diverse, there are a few things that we all have in common:

  • 1. A love of flight

  • 2. An admiration of the precision and teamwork exemplified by the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, better known as the "Blue Angels".

  • 3. The drive to bring flight simulation to a new level of high performance flight demonstration.


The crew coordination and flying skills required to fly our routine does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and practice! The MFS Blue Angels demonstration team train, practice and rehearse all flight operation procedures from the show start "engine startup" to flying the sequence of demonstration formations (simply known as "the Demo") down to parking and "engine shutdown". We try our best to replicate the precision, professionalism and showmanship displayed by the real Blue Angels.  Each member is hand-picked by the team based on their flying ability, availability, and above all, their personality/professionalism. When it comes to choosing our teammates, we abide by this saying very strongly. You will find that we have one of the closest bonds in the Microsoft Flight Simulator community.