Kevin "Vindy" Reid resides in Miami FL, and has been the left wing pilot for the FSX blue Angels since 2013.

Kevin currently works in the film and television business home based in Miami. Having started his own company in 2004, travels around the country working on various movies and TV shows, doing everything from media editing, camera work, and producing. In Addition to flying in simulators, Kevin also enjoys a variety of hobbies that include building models, R/C Cars, Trains, and boating in beautiful Miami.

Though Kevin's aviation experience is mostly limited to Simulators he has flown gliders and is hoping to expand on that in the future. Kevin also has a long background with many flight simulators and teams, dating all the way back to Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 and the original Falcon 1.0.

"Vindy" joined the FSX Blue Angels in March of 2013, and held the Left Wing position through the team's transition from FSX to MFS in 2020.