Justin Hendrix, call sign “Jimi” is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and is the Executive Officer for the FSX Blue Angels.  Currently residing in Naples, Italy, Justin serves as a commissioned officer for the United States Navy, where he manages and maintains IT  and communication resources for the United States military.  When he is not tirelessly adjusting and testing the FSXBA F/A-18C, Justin enjoys other hobbies which include motorcycling, music, and sports.

Over the span of his aviation career, Justin has earned his Private Pilot's License and has accumulated over 200 flight hours in various aircraft to include the Cessna 152/172, T-6 Texan 2, T-1 Jayhawk, and the T-39 Sabrehawk.  Justin also has experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator dating back to Microsoft Flight Simulator 95. 

Jimi created the FSX Blue Angels in December of 2007, and held the Executive Officer position through the team's transition from FSX to MFS in 2020.